About Emelda


I live in Georgia with my fiancé I do not have any children, but I have a lot of niece and nephew. I have worked as Certified nurse assistance for more than fifteen years. I have a lot of interests such as cooking, dancing, and reading a good book. Every year my fiancé and I would attend Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) I do not cosplay, but I enjoy seeing all my friends dress up in the favorite anime.

I am a plus size person, and I know how hard it’s to find clothes that look great and fit your right and does not coast an arm and a leg. Last year’s my fiancé, and I was going on a cruise the hard thing for me is too beautiful clothes that fit me and look great on me.

The purpose, and goal of my website. Is to help plus size females find great looking clothes that fit them without breaking the bank. I know that everyone is on a budget, but they still want to look good when they are going out on a date with that special person or just going to the movie with a couple of friends we want to look our best.

All the best,
Emelda Isaac



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